Holiday & Vacation Pay Revisited

HollyAt this time of year, with the holidays and some vacation time likely, it makes sense to revisit a few previous articles. Each article includes step-by-step instructions on how to use Procare Software® to easily record holiday and vacation hours for employees at your child care, daycare or preschool.

Paid Holidays

For recording holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Day, see Holiday Hours.

Vacation Time

For vacation, review Earning and Accruing Vacation Hours, then see the related article on how to Solve the Vacation Hours Puzzle by recording those hours as “used” on employee time cards.

Keeping it short and simple this week and cheerfully wishing everyone a very special holiday season!

Happy Holidays!


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2 Responses to Holiday & Vacation Pay Revisited

  1. plowery says:

    I currently have V9 installed and am attempting to install V10. Once the CD is inserted, I double click on the setup file. The content of the CD is checked and the installaware wizard comes up. Once I click on the Install button on the left of the wizard, nothing happens! Any help would be appreciated.

    • Dear realtime: Thank you for your question. If nothing happens when you click the install button (from the CD setup screen) it may indicate you don’t have administrator rights needed for installation. If this is a Windows 7 or Vista machine try right-clicking on setup.exe and choose to “run as administrator”. Other possibilities might be a dusty or smudged CD. Try wiping the CD with a soft cloth (not a tissue). A third possibility might be virus protection software. You could temporarily turn off your virus program to see if that makes a difference.

      If you have additional questions please contact Procare Support at 1-800-964-1729.

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